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Thank you to all those that participated in the 770 Yeshiva Raffle

770 Yeshiva

The Raffle is Today!

770 Yeshiva Campaign

As the doors of the 770 begin to reopen;
let us open our hearts in support of the 770 Yeshiva

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    Harav Yitzchok and Sheindel Raitport
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The familiar hum that embraces you as you enter 770 is the beautiful tune of the learning and davening of the bochurim who spend their days there. Giving structure and guidance to bachurim at a critical point in their life, the 770 Yeshiva plays a crucial role in our education system.

At a time when the world stood still and the 770 Yeshiva closed its doors for the first time since its inception, the Yeshiva continued to provide for its bochurim. Structure, classes and physical assistance were all put into place to help the bochurim navigate this time of crisis.

Now, the Yeshiva is asking us to open our hearts and participate in its valuable work.

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